Every Business has a story to tell…..
We too have one…

Back In 80’s, Mr. Hari G Kamat started providing service to facilitate individuals need of opening public provident fund account’s, postal accounts and Bank FD’s to generate pocket money to support his college expenses. While providing this service he realized and understood the need and importance of savings in once life.

After successful completion of his bachelor’s degree of Commerce, he joined as a Accountant in a leading hotel group in Goa. While pursuing his career as Accountant, hekept providing his services to individuals in spare time. Helping people, meeting people & serving people made him happy. Hence, he left his well-paid job within 18 months to pursue his happiness & dream.

Mr. Hari G Kamatalways believed that in life, one should take a step at a time, and he started his new career bytaking one step at a time. Serving people from home, to setting up first office in 1984 in Kundaikar Nagar, Panaji, it was clear that he had begun a journey with a never to stop attitude. This led to many achievements, naming few are, largest number of PPF Account opening, highest annual PPF collection & securing 100’s of people’s life through insurance. During this journey in 80’s, he gave great importance in developing his relationship with his clients. For him, clients are his family. He started guiding people on their Financial health, making people aware about Financial Wellbeing, and teaching them the most important fun-da in Investments i.e. long term and patience.

Another important aspect of life is change, Mr. Hari G Kamat has believed that as time change, people should change for betterment of themselves. In 90’s, Hari G Kamat’s Investment added Mutual Fund to its offering’s. Early 90’s, Mutual Fund being new product, more time was spent on understanding and learning minute intricacies of the product. During this time other conventional products were prominent part of our recommendation. It was mid to late 90’s, when he, personally was comfortable to invest his earned money in Mutual Funds, that he started recommending it to his clients. Hari G Kamat’s Investment Avenue increased its customer base from a few hundreds to thousands in just a span of 10 years. Mr. Hari G Kamat not only made new friends, he also strengthened his existing relationship’s which helped Hari G Kamat’s Investment Avenue to grow multi-folds during the 90’s.

From 2000 to Till date, Hari G Kamat’s Investment Avenue recommended right product mix for its client’s which includes Mutual Funds both Equity & Debt, Public Provident fund, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Capital Gain Bonds, National Savings Scheme, Postal Scheme & National Pension Scheme. During this phase we added Mutual Fund’sto our client’s portfolio as a Wealth Creator. As the product evolved, recommendation evolved to secure a particular life goal of a client. Clients understood and started accepting and adopting the change smoothly. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) as a feature came into existence in 2007, we were amongst the first Distributor to adopt it & recommend it to our client’s portfolios. We are having more than 1600+ Unique Active SIP Book worth more than a crore. Hari G Kamat’s Investment Avenue have partnered with 20+ AMC’s (Asset Management Companies) out of the 44 listed in India. During this phase we on Mutual Fund front have emerged as one of the top Financial Product Distributor firm in Goa.

Mr. Hari G Kamat has served clients for last 35+ years, helping them today for a better future tomorrow, hence today Hari G Kamat’s Investment Avenue has taken a giant leap towards its future and clients future by setting up a branch office in Margao, Goa.

“Even though markets might change,
good investing approach is timeless.”