Mutual Fund Sahi Hai, SIP Zaroori Hai

Do you know that you can grow wealth even if you are not earning a fat paycheck? While everyone wants to have a high salary package or profits, not everyone has the same kind of luxury. Gone are the medieval days, when only those who inherited huge sums of money or had big businesses would remain rich. SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), which is offered by mutual funds to investors for making investments in a systematic and disciplined manner is a new way of creating wealth.

Why Savings are important ?

Right from adolescence we’re told to save money because this material world runs because of it. If we don’t have it, we are as good as buried alive. Adults who shell out this crucial life advice regarding savings, often don’t give a rational explanation about why they are important. A common explanation which they give is- “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.

Millennial’s Beacon of Light

The millennials suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are rightly perturbed about their financial outlook. The onslaught of the global pandemic has broken a lot of people all over. I can imagine their anxieties and fears for a world of tomorrow. The fabric of their hopes and dreams was simply torn apart by [...]